The New School Communicator’s Guide to the First 90 Days

If you’ve recently joined the school communications field or are starting fresh in a new school district with similar responsibilities, this blog is for you! This guide aims to help you create a stronger foundation for a strategic communications plan so you can hit the ground running and start making a noticeable impact at your district.

Starting any new position can be overwhelming but as you ease into your role, the key focus of your first few months on the job should be:

1) Conducting a situation analysis
2) Reviewing secondary research and data
3) Building relationships

These three focus areas should make up 90 percent of what you do, with the other 10 percent dedicated to “keeping the lights on” in your department and assisting administrators with their immediate needs. 

Let’s look at 10 significant ideas and suggestions to help guide your first 90 days as a new school communicator.

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