Developing #BeWell34: A Virtual Space for Mindfulness & Well Being

I recently partnered with Glenview District 34 in Glenview, Illinois, to develop the #BeWell34 virtual space for students, employees, and families to find resources to encourage mindfulness and support well being.  

#BeWell34 has separate calming centers for each age group and delivers focused, scientific-based strategies to visitors based on their current mood and feeling. Glenview 34 uses the Finalsite content management system, Composer, which allows users to create highly-dynamic, granular designs. 

The #BeWell34 student calming center allows users to choose their age and current mood in order to produced optimized results.

Glenview 34 Director of Communications & Strategic Planning, Cathy Kedjidjian, APR, encourages anyone to use the system!

Check it out here.

If you want to learn how we partnered to make this happen, contact me. I’m happy to help!

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