11 Exceptionally Funny School PR Headlines (Real and Imaginary)

Gosh, I love this profession. I recently asked school PR and communications professionals to submit their real or imaginary school PR headlines. I’ve pulled out a few amusing ones. Anonymity kept. Enjoy!

Local PR Pro Switches to Holiday Playlist, Annoys Coworkers, Defends Decision as “Self-Care”

After Three Years of Complete Silence, School Staffers Flood Communication Team’s Inbox to Correct Spelling Error

Executive Team Shocked to Learn PIO is Not a Clairvoyant

Parent Posts on Social Media with Questions About Confirmed COVID Case. Doesn’t Read Entire Email for the Answers

Communications Director Tries in Vain to Respond to Nonsense Comments with Accurate Information

New COVID-19 Dashboard Garners Impressive Numbers of Suggestion Emails, Ranging from Ridiculous to Impossible

Record Number Of District Staff Add Impressive Credentials To Their Title: “Medical and Contact Tracing Expert”

Studies Show Mad Men-Style Bar in Comms Department Office Would Lead to Safer Work Environment for All Who Dare Enter with a Random and Last-Minute Request

24 Hr Babysitting Not Provided by Schools: Parents Shocked to Learn They Have to Monitor Students’ Chromebook Use at Home

Angry Parent Complains About Lack of Communication a after Unsubscribing from All District Messages

BREAKING: Top Scientists Agree That Fitting An Entire K-8 Curriculum On One “At-a-Glance” Document Would Defy The Laws of Space, Time

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