FREE To-Do List Notepad for School PR & Communication Pros!

I love a list, don’t you?

I recently worked with #SchoolPR Pros Tracy Jentz, APR, Melissa McConnell, and Andrew Robinson to develop a fun and straightforward #SchoolPR to-do list! See the thought behind each section below.

Order your FREE notepad now, or download the printable version.

Order Your FREE School PR Notepad!

Master List

This section is for your master to-do list. It feels good to complete a task, doesn’t it?


Check this off as you move through the day. Grab your coffee, check (or write) the news for your district, check your mail, and turn on the music! Then, circle or color your state of mind. Full of love and joy, feeling mindful/need mindfulness, or maybe you’re a bit stressed and need to yell, “OMG!”.


Use this section during a meeting or phone call—a great place for details.

Questions, Ideas, or Distractions

Use this section when you have questions, ideas you want to save for later, or distractions that you need to acknowledge.

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