The Top 3 Things Superintendents Need to Improve District Communications

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You’ve seen it on superintendent or district evaluations: Communication is poor or mediocre and needs to be improved. But how do you go about improving communication in your district?

Here are the Top 3 things superintendents need to improve communications:

A commitment to communications in your district strategic plan.

One of the goals of your district’s strategic plan should be to improve district communications. Oftentimes, this starts as a committee of employees who will inevitably decide the path toward achieving this goal. The National School Public Relations (NSPRA) has a great resource for getting started on this path.

Have at least one full-time communicators director or coordinator. 

Teachers, principals, and superintendents should not carry the burden of building and implementing a district communications plan. If they did, it would likely result in tactical-level outcomes because of the number of other duties these employees have. The most successful school districts have dedicated communicators who handle district-level communications. And, those communicators have a seat at the leadership table.

At the school and classroom levels, dedicated communicators can help facilitate school or classroom communications so they align with the mission, vision, and goals of the district’s strategic plan.

An NSPRA Professional Membership

This is a no-brainer. EVERY school district who cares about improving internal or external communications needs to join the National School Public Relations Association and take advantage of free resources and the annual seminar.

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