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Dear School PR Family:

Every year since 2016 I’ve had the pleasure of bringing you the annual #ROAD2NSPRA fundraiser. Together, along with the #K12PR5k team, we’ve raised over $5000 for the NSPRA Foundation to help members get to the NSPRA Seminar! 

Over the last few months, I’ve been exploring the idea of turning School PR swag into a regular “side hustle” (as my colleagues would call it). 😉

Here’s how it would work: Join the School PR Swag of the Month Club for a low cost and receive a fresh School PR-themed item on your doorstep. Every month. No commitments. Cancel at any time. Joy to the world!

In the month of June, I would still contribute 100% of proceeds from the club to the NSPRA Foundation. Additionally, in every other month, I will donate a portion of the club’s proceeds to another public school organization/foundation or charity, voted on by club members.

But, as any good PR professional would do, I have to conduct research first. If you have a few minutes, please complete this quick survey

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